19. Top 5 Music Videos of the Week: Collab Edition 🐥

After noticing that I hadn’t caught up in the world of music videos in a while, I decided that was it. It was time to see what I had been missing. It does feel as though with all the different types of social media around that music videos sometimes get a bit lost in the daily snapchat artist updates and instagram stories from the most recent concert. But the concept of the music video is still alive and creating some really cool things. So this weeks post in no particular order its my top five Music Videos of the week, by artists who collaborated on the song!

1. The Middle – Zedd Feat/ Maren Morris

Apart from listening to the song non stop, the thing I liked the most about the music video in The Middle was the dancers. The choreography was perfected to the track and the dancers look like they’re genuinely having a good time, plus they’re really talented. It was good that the creators of the video knew that all anyone wants to do when they hear The Middle is dance to it, because having a simple concept and adding in a unique light show in the background is sometimes all you need. They’re having a party and you feel like you want to be in it.

2. These Days -Rudimental Feat/ Macklemore, Jess Glynne and Dan Caplen

Set in the UK, Macklemore and Jess Glynne are a couple going through the different stages of their relationship. Whoever shot this one has a good eye for storytelling. Sometimes songs can get disoriented in their music videos but These Days never falls into that trap. Although Glynne and Macklemore aren’t dating in real life, their acting in the video is natural and each scene feels effortless as they explore the city and hang out together. Another highlight is that classic British streets look which I love. The colours are vintage and pale and dark but they’re warm and lived in; They help us to see how the relationship changes. There is a hint of green in practically every shot to show us maybe the newness or freshness of their story, that feeling when everything is easy. When the greens are darker, we see why. Overall the video does what any good music video should do, it connects and lifts the song visually.

3. Chateau -Angus and Julia Stone

Yes it isn’t technically a collaboration because they’re siblings but I love the song and I’m putting it in anyway. A young couple are adventuring on this boat towards a hidden Chateau in Mexico where they inevitably crash a wedding and celebrate the night away. Chateau feels dreamy and full of fantasy and characters playing dress up. Angus and Julia can be spotted celebrating with the other guests during the wedding scenes, as well as Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery as the male lead. This video was again very loyal to the song in concept and all the different moments feel light and airy. Some things that I loved were the chemistry between the actors and the little scenes; them dancing on their boat, stealing the red car and the scenery of this unknown Chateau.  

4. Flames -David Guetta Feat/ Sia

Flames pays homage to those old ninja films in its style and look. Often you see video after video of just the artists singing to different backgrounds and so to have the singers acting in their videos as different characters is awesome to watch. The people who made this really went to the effort of replicating the look and feel of a ninja film, from the use of text, to the costuming to how everything is shot and edited. The three women who learn to fight from their master kick some ass in this video and Sia’s voice once again reigns supreme over the track. Worth a watch!

5. Friends (Alternate Video) -Anne Marie/ Marshmello

I have no idea why Anne Marie and Marshmello decided to release an alternative music video to “Friends” but that doesn’t matter because this video is damn cool. Rooms with walls of ducks, a giant XO sign, a confetti room, giant sunflowers and an upside down bedroom, it looks and feels like everyone stepped up and maybe ate a little too much sugar when they were brainstorming ideas, but that doesn’t matter because its interesting. The music video pops and makes the song pop. Both Marie and Marshmello look like they’re enjoying themselves and you finish the video never feeling bored and trying to figure out which room is your favourite, as though you’re wondering through a museum (for me it’s gotta be the confetti!). 


So there you are, enjoy some vids!

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