20. Meghan Markle πŸ₯‚

So last week I realised that I had missed a post on this blog for the first time since starting it. I was pretty disappointed to be honest as I wanted to be able to say that I had gone a full year and never missed an entry, but at the end of the day sometimes we get busy and forget stuff. Anyways, I did in hindsight have a good reason for completely forgetting to be organised and write something last week, for it was Mother’s day on Sunday (hope all the mum’s had a lovely day!).

But I am back better than ever and am writing about someone whom the world watched very closely a day ago. Meghan Markle. Markle is known to many as the famous Rachel Zane off the tv law drama β€œSuits”, however she now can be best recognised as the wife of Prince Harry or the Duchess of Sussex. Apart from having an impressive acting career that extends to both Film and TV, Markle has always been very philanthropic, carrying out work with charities such as World Vision and being an advocate for the United Nations. It seems that she has always had an excellent grasp on how to use her platform as a figure in the public eye to raised awareness about the causes she was proud of. There is even that story about how she changed the wording in a sexist commercial when she was a young girl after watching it on television and writing to the creators asking them to alter the word β€œwomen” to β€œpeople”. Amazingly, they did.

Whilst many are focusing on Markle’s role as Prince Harry’s wife, it should be noted how accomplished, independent and intelligent she is. Even during her days as an actress on Suits, she always seemed to carry herself with grace and poise, something that can’t really be taught or forced. Watching both Harry and Meghan meet athletes training for the Invictus games, they looked as though they were a match made in heaven and seem to have the same values which again have been instilled in them since both were very young. As wonderful as the wedding was to watch and see what wedding dress she wore, I finished watching the coverage thinking Megan is going to be a really positive addition to the royal family and hopefully will continue to do some great work, whilst maintaining who she is. Cheers to the Happy Couple!


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