32. Victoria Beckham 👜

Victoria Beckham has had a big year. Some of the highlights include celebrating a decade in the fashion industry, winning the Fashion Icon award from the People’s Choice and even attending a Royal Wedding or two. But away from Beckham’s social connections with British Royalty, she’s killing it right now. Her fashion label has been to many fashion weeks over the years, is sold in … Continue reading 32. Victoria Beckham 👜

28. Jennifer Lopez 💃🏻

The first time I had heard of Jennifer Lopez was when I was really young and listening to her song “Let’s Get Loud” on the radio. But as I’ve gotten older and seen her career change and evolve, I realised how she is much more than just a recording artist. She’s a producer, actor, dancer, songwriter, businesswoman, fashion designer, the list goes on. Frankly her … Continue reading 28. Jennifer Lopez 💃🏻

24. Dear Crew Members 🤹🏻‍♀️

This people post is not about one person in particular, but about those who work as members on a production be it theatre, television, movies, online content or any other creative endeavour. As having recent experience being a production assistant on a small tv shoot, I came to appreciate the people I met and worked with who showed me what it means to work really … Continue reading 24. Dear Crew Members 🤹🏻‍♀️

8. Lucie Fink 🎨

  I was thinking about who to write about for this weeks People Post when I inevitably started to procrastinate and watch one of my favourite youtube series, “Try Living with Lucie” on Refinery29’s channel. I discovered Lucie Fink early last year and always found her videos to be really fun and interesting to watch. So, this weeks post will be dedicated to Lucie Fink … Continue reading 8. Lucie Fink 🎨